Sleep Laboratory Testing

Sydney Sleep Centre can arrange sleep study testing in public and private Hospitals. Hospital sleep laboratory testing is more accurate than home sleep study testing, particularly in certain situations, such as less typical cases of obstructive sleep apnoea; in patients that have associated respiratory or cardiac disease; when evaluating restless legs syndrome; and in the assessment of non-respiratory Sleep Disorders such as sleep walking and narcolepsy.

Once you are referred to one of the Centre's Sleep Specialists, they will discuss with you the best test for your situation and will organise a Hospital sleep study when it is required.

Sydney Sleep Centre provides choice and flexability - the Centre has a range of testing options depending on your needs. In contrast to many sleep testing set ups, the Centre is not limited to home sleep study testing only. The type of sleep test (home or hospital laboratory, public or private) that the Sleep Specialist can arrange for you will reflect your individual circumstances and medical needs, rather than being limited to what is available to a particular set up.