Why Choose Us

We have an experienced team

We have an experienced team of Sleep Specialists, Sleep Psychologist, CPAP Therapists, Sleep Dentist, Dietitian and sleep trained GP working to provide you with effective diagnosis and treatment.

Dr Anup Desai, the Medical Director, is a Sleep and Respiratory Physician, with tertiary Public Hospital appointments, numerous Private Hospital appointments, Clinical Senior Lecturer positions at Sydney University and UNSW, and a PhD in Sleep Medicine (Syd). Dr Chaminda Lewis, Sleep and Respiratory Physician, has an expertise in non-invasive ventilation and interventional pulmonology. He is completing a PhD in Sleep Medicine (UNSW). 

Our focus is quality medical care

Sydney Sleep Centre is a Specialist managed Medical Centre. Patient management is determined by Medical Doctors, not by a narrow sales driven orientation to a particular outcome (e.g CPAP machine sale) seen in some sleep testing set ups. Our focus is on appropriate and patient centred medical management driven by Sleep experts.

All our services in the one location

We recognise that patients find it difficult to get diagnosed and treated with many appointments in different locations. We want to make it easier for patients to get the best solutions available all in the one location.

Our one location offers sleep study testing, Sleep Specialist consultations, and all treatments for sleep disorders (whether CPAP, a Dentist fitted mouth splint, Provent for snoring, Sleep Psychologist support for insomnia, professional assistance with weight loss with our Dietitian, medications for Restless Legs Syndrome, etc).

The multi-disciplinary co-ordinated medical care makes the Centre extremely convenient and effective for patients and referrers. This is premium Specialist management not available elsewhere.

Sydney Sleep Centre is about patient choice. We provide CPAP machines from the major brands. We provide a full range of CPAP products including all brands of masks from industry leading suppliers. We provide other treatment options for obstructive sleep apnoea, such as dentist fitted mouth splints. Our Sleep Specialist Dentist offers mouth splints from several suppliers to fit the best splint to treat your individual case. Splint choice means you achieve a better customized result and is often not offered by other sleep services.

Effective diagnosis in your home or in a Sleep Laboratory

We provide effective diagnosis which can be done in the comfort of your own home. Patients can be referred for a home based sleep study directly by their GP or Specialist. The home sleep study results will be sent to their GP or Specialist after the test who will have the option of referring the patient to a Sleep Specialist in the Centre for further advice and management, or managing the patient themselves based on their own experience and knowledge.

Sleep Laboratory studies can be ordered by the Centre's Sleep Physicians in public or private sleep laboratories according to patient needs and preferences. Patients need to be referred to one of the Centre's Sleep Physicians first by their GP, and the Sleep Physician can then order the Sleep Laboratory test as needed.

Different treatment options are available

We provide different treatment options which can be tailored to suit your individual needs. These include Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP), Mandibular Advancement Devices (MAD), Sleep Psychologist services and Dietitian services.