Good Sleep Hygiene

General tips for a good night’s sleep

  • Maintain a routine for daytime naps for younger children, avoiding late afternoon naps (ie, after 15:30)
  • Develop an evening routine that provides children with positive time with the parents (eg, story time)
  • Avoid giving children caffeine-containing foods or drinks in the evening
  • Provide a sleep-conducive environment, and reward good night-time behaviour
  • Decide on a bedtime routine and stick to it, and try to have the same bedtime and wake-up time every day
  • Put your child to bed while still awake
  • Try not to let your child fall asleep with a drink
  • Avoid taking your child into your bed for sleep or to settle
  • Try to be as “boring” as possible when dealing with your child during the night

What should I do next?

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