CPAP Services

Sydney Sleep Centre has years of experience managing CPAP therapy. Sydney Sleep Centre only works with major CPAP brands. The Centre uses the latest machines for CPAP trials and sells only premium brands where quality and service service levels are high.

To hire or buy CPAP therapy, you should be under the care of a medical practitioner, usually a Sleep Physician, to guide your treatment and prescribe your CPAP pressures.

Hiring CPAP therapy

Our experienced CPAP therapists provide exceptional education, support and care for those hiring CPAP therapy.

During the CPAP trial process, patients hire masks and machines to find the best fit and set-up for themselves. Our CPAP therapists provide close guidance and support during the trial process to ensure patients manage what can be a difficult adjustment at times. Patients are encouraged to use as much support as they need during the trial process - whether that is in person support, via phone, or via telehealth reviews using cloud based data from the machines inbuilt modems.

Patients receive regular CPAP information covering FAQs via tailored emails. We are confident that with our professional support your chances of success will be high.

Book your CPAP trial now by calling our clinic on 02 9252 6144. 

Buying CPAP therapy

Sydney Sleep Centre provides competitive pricing of all major CPAP brands.

We supply and set up CPAP machines as per medical script instructions.

Remote set up and monitoring can be provided for ongoing support, as required.

Order via our online shop for delivery to your premises, knowing that your machine is supported from our Sydney centre.