Online Services

Sydney Sleep Centre recognises that care needs and patient expectations are changing.

There is an increasing need and demand for remote or telehealth medical services.

Some services adapt well to this model and some do not.

Sydney Sleep Centre provides telehealth services for those who require it, providing care is not compromised.

Online home sleep study testing

Sydney Sleep Centre offers only Level 2 home sleep study tests. These are the most accurate home sleep study tests, and attract medicare rebates.

Here are the steps:

  • Download a GP referral form.
  • Ask your GP to complete the form. Ensure that the Medicare screening questions are completed.
  • Email the form to
  • Visit our city clinic for training in the use of the home sleep study equipment (allow 30 minutes).
  • Return the equipment the following morning.

We will analyse the data and a Sleep Physician will report it. The clinical report will be sent back to your referring GP within seven days.

If your referral requests a ‘Sleep Physician consult after home sleep study’, this can be booked online and performed either via telehealth (see below) or in person.

(Please note that sleep studies in laboratory conditions can only be performed after consultation with a Sleep Physician under current Medicare and health fund rules.)

Telehealth Sleep Specialist consultations

Sleep Specialist consultations are best performed on site, in person.

This allows us to conduct a physical examination, including height, weight, oxygen and other measurements, as well as a rhinoscope examination of the nasal airways and oropharynx (for contributing nasal & tongue base obstruction).

Where on site in person consultations are not possible, Sydney Sleep Centre can provide a Telehealth consultation with a Sleep Specialist. Dr Alexandra Dollman conducts these telehealth appointments at Sydney Sleep Centre.

Here are the steps:

  • Pre-pay online 
  • Staff will be notified by email and will book you in for your Specialist appointment (please allow one business day).
  • Complete the downloadable PDF Acquaintance Form and send to us before your appointment.
  • Obtain a GP referral and send to us before your appointment.
  • Our Sleep Specialist will call you at the time of your appointment for your consultation

Please note that a GP (or Specialist) referral is required for you to receive medicare rebates for the consultation and any subsequent tests (e.g sleep studies).

Cancellation of your Telehealth consultation within 24 hours, or being unavailable at the time, will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

Teleheath CPAP services

Sydney Sleep Centre uses the latest model CPAP machines for CPAP trials. These machines have remote monitoring capability, facilitating telehealth support.

Trialing CPAP with a hire machine: one visit to us, then remote

Set-up and training in CPAP therapy is best conducted at our premises. This lets you try different masks to suit your face and give you the greatest comfort.

Subsequent CPAP support can be performed remotely via telehealth using the machine modems. These allow us to assess compliance, sleep apnoea control, mask leak and machine pressure remotely. CPAP pressure and comfort settings can be changed remotely by our experienced CPAP technicians.

If your CPAP trial is successful, and your doctor prescribes long term treatment, you can courier your rental CPAP machine back to us or simply drop it in. We can then supply you with your own mask & machine set up exactly to your pressure and comfort needs.

You may visit the Clinic for in person treatment at any time. You can be confident of support & success with on site back up at all times. 

Buying CPAP: no need to visit; buy online