Where is Sydney Sleep Centre Located?

Sydney Sleep Centre, is located at

Suite 203, Level 2
12-14 O'Connell Street
Sydney NSW 2000


  • Conveniently located in Sydney CBD
  • Walking distance to train stations and bus stops
  • Secure parking stations available nearby

What is Involved in a Consultation?

Sleep Specialist Consultation (30-45 minutes) -  One of the Centre's experienced Sleep Specialists will take a full medical history, focusing on Sleep Disorders in particular. They will conduct a physical examination as relevent to your sleep condition. They will then discuss with you your diagnosis and the management approach. This might require a sleep study which they will organise and/or a particular treatment. Most treatments can be provided by the Centre if needed, adding to patient convenience and ensuring co-ordinated medical Specialist care. Sometimes CT scans or bloods tests are required, which the Specialist will order. Lung function testing and/or Rhinoscopy (the Specialist passes a camera through your nose to look for sites of blockage in your nasal airway, the back of your throat and behind the tongue) may be performed as part of the assessment and these results will be discussed with you. Medicare requires a GP or Specialist referral to a Sleep Specialist. Please bring this with you.


Home Sleep Study (approx. 1 hr) – is a test that allows us to see how you sleep at night. It gives us a good indication of the biological changes that your body goes through during it’s rest phase. All that is involved is to come in for a Mock set.  There is a video on our website which also provides you with a guide as to how to set you up. We also provide you with written instructions on the day.  We set the machine to come on automatically, so the only thing you need to remember to do is Sleep.


Initial CPAP/APAP Trial (approx. 1 hr) - CPAP is a treatment for Sleep Disordered Breathing or Obstructive Sleep Apnea. It stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure. The machine uses Air pressure to maintain an open airway during sleep.  We go through a Mask fitting and a Machine trial. We follow the Doctor’s instructions on the script and ensure that you are getting the correct treatment for your condition. We also talk to you about how to maintain the device and what you need to do to get the most out of using the machine. The consultant will also try to make the machine easy for you to use, and provide you with comfortable options that you can have at your disposal to make CPAP a pleasant experience. 

Downloads/ Follow up Appointments (approx. 30mins) - You should remember to BRING YOUR MACHINE to these appointments. Downloads or follow up appointment with your Sleep consultant will take approximately 30 minutes. They will run through with you how you are going with the CPAP machine and what problems you may be having with the machine. It is a good time to ask the consultant any questions that you have developed since starting CPAP. Additionally, the consultant can produce graphs that will show how well you have been tolerating the machine, if the mask is a good fit for you and tell you the results of how often you snore or have obstructive events with CPAP therapy.

Dental Splint Mould - The first appointment is the Mould where the dentist will take an impression of your teeth. This will help the Manufacturer to custom fit the device to your mouth so it sits in nicely. You will then come back for a device fitting appointment.

Dental Adjustment Appointment - This is where the Dentist uses specialised instruments to titrate (move forward) the lower mouth piece as to advance your jaw to create more room in the back of the throat. Don’t worry, you only wear this device whilst sleeping. For the first couple of days after wearing the device, your jaw may feel a little sore, as though it has been stretched. This feeling is normal and will reduce over a couple of weeks.

Do I need to see a Doctor to be managed by the Centre ?

Sydney Sleep Centre maintains the highest and best practice. Sydney Sleep Centre is a medically run Centre where diagnosis and treatment is Doctor driven, not therapist driven.

To see a Sleep Specialist in the Centre, a GP or Specialist referral is required.

Patients need a prescription from their treating Sleep Specialist or GP to start treatment, such as CPAP, or to be assessed for a mandibular advancement splint.

For patients already on CPAP treatment that may require new equipment, eg a new mask or machine, the Centre's CPAP therapist will assess your situation and advise you accordingly. They will communicate with your treating Sleep Specialist or GP as needed.

For home sleep study testing, patients should bring a referral from their GP or Specialist. In cases where this is difficult or the patient does not have a regular GP, The Centre's sleep trained GP can assess the patient directly and refer them for a home sleep study test or Sleep Specialist review as appropriate.

To be seen by the Sleep Psychologist, patients should be referred by their GP, treating Sleep Specialist, or other Specialist (e.g. Psychiatrist).

To be seen be the Centre's Diectician, patients can book direct or be referred by their GP/Specialist.

Can I have the results Posted to my address?

We value your privacy here at Sydeny Sleep Centre, and we are unable to send results directly to you. Please consult the Doctor who referred you to our services for a copy of the result or your GP.