May 2013

Latest CPAP Masks Available Now

There are different types of masks available for CPAP users. The full face mask is a mask that covers the mouth and nose and suits people that habitually breathe through the mouth during sleep. There is a new full face mask on the market released by Fisher & Paykel called the Simplus! We have added this to our trial pool of masks so that we can offer those that require a full face mask a greater range of choice in full face masks.

Want to get a great mask fit, but having problems with your mask irritating the bridge of your nose? We have a new mask that may just put this problem to rest! The mask is called a Swift Fx Nano and has been released by Resmed. It is similar to its cousin the Swift Fx but is not a nasal pillow. Rather it covers the tip of the nose and is designed to keep pressure off the bridge of the nose. The simple headgear makes it easy to put on and take off without any fuss. This mask can be trialled with us or purchased so contact us on 9252 6144 to find out more!

Yet another new mask on the market! This one is from Philips and utilises “tip of the nose technology.” The mask is called the Wisp and sits underneath the bridge of the nose. This minimal contact mask has also been added to our trial pool and will be utilised for patients who find that a nasal mask is leaving marks on the nose, or perhaps even leaking at the corner near the eyes. This mask is easy to take apart for cleaning, and easy to assemble after cleaning. CPAP masks are getting more and more comfortable with more options available!

Free Sleep Apnoea Education Session

We are hosting a free public information session!

Come and join us on Wednesday 12 June from 10:30 – 11:30am  to learn about Sleep Apnoea and Snoring, and
how to maintain your CPAP machine and mask. There will be a question and answer session with an experienced CPAP consultant and hands on with the machines. So if you have a CPAP machine, or you have a friend or family member who is interested, or you are a health care worker who would like to know more you can call us on 9252 6144 to register for this free event.