June 2014

Rest Assured a Good Night's Sleep is Key

Staring at a tablet or smart phone moments before you go to bed may stop you from getting a good night's sleep.  Eamon Brown, our senior sleep scientist at Sleep Centres of Australia, was interviewed by the SunHerald recently.  His interview was published in the SunHerald on 25 May.  He says staring at a bright object such as a smartphone is telling your brain that it's not time to go to sleep yet.  "If you are tricking your brain into thinking it is daytime by looking at your iPhone or iPad, it's not the stimulation you're doing or the activity, it's actually how long you are staring at the light" he says.  "A lot of people say to me "That's ridiculous, I can look straight at my iPad for half an hour and go straight off to sleep like a baby", and that might be true to them, but what we will see on an EEG (electroencephalogram) from a science perspective is they'll have a higher amount of alpha brainwaves".  To find out more from Eamon at Sleep Centres, call now to book an appointment 9332 8890.