March 2018

National GP Seminar 27 March 2018

Insomnia - online cognitive behavioural therapy

Dr Desai in collaboration with HealthEd presented a lecture and webinar to a national GP audience on insomnia management. He introduced Sydney Sleep Centre's online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Program for insomnia and how GP's should assess insomnia patients and use CBT as part of their treatment.

Insomnia - SHUTi

Partnership with an American CBT Program

Sydney  Sleep Centre is pleased to announce a new exciting collaboration and a step forward in insomnia management.

Sydney Sleep Centre has partnered with SHUTi, an online cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) program, to provide patients with a convenient, cost effective and proven treatment for insomnia. This program will assist all patients with insomnia to better treat the underlying causes of their conditon and to treat their insomnia without medications. 

Online CBT is innovative, proven and very accessible. It has the power to improve insomnia and sleep habits for many patients in a readily accessible and cost effective way.

More information regarding SHUTi can be found here.

A published HealthEd article on this topic can be found here.