60 minutes: "Gone girl, Living the dream, Mr nice guy"

Sydney Sleep Centre Interview

Dr Desai was interviewed by Tara Brown from 60 minutes at the Sydney Sleep Centre clinic in September 2016. They discussed the tragic Coroners case of Phoebe Handsjuk. Dr Desai reviewed the Coroners report in which the Coroner formed the opinion that Phoebe Handsjuk plunged to her death while in a sleepwalking like state. He provided an expert Sleep Physician opinion on the medical evidence from the Corners Investigation and presented this in the 60 minutes segment. A link to the full TV episode is below:


Sleep Specialist management is the key to good Sleep Disorders Treatment

GP Education 2016

As part of ongoing educational initiatives to local GP's and to facilitate close GP/Specialist communication for our mutual patients, Dr Desai has presented to several GP groups in early 2016:

1) Obstructive Sleep Apnoea and Driving Accident Risk - Homebush, March 2016

2) Respiratory Inhalers - Maroubra, April 2016

3) Which inhaler to use ? - Zetland, April 2016

4) Interpreting Sleep Studies - Randwick, May 2016


Dr Lewis also presented a Sleep Medicine topic at Zetland in April 2016

Dental Education 2016

Dr Desai was invited by Dental Corp to present to their dentists on Obstructive Sleep Apnea. He presented in March 2016 to around 30 dentists as part of an all day Educational Conference. The talk was well received and the topic is of keen interest to many dentists.

Dr Desai and Dr Lewis, both Sleep and Respiratory Physicians at Sydney Sleep Centre, presented to a group of dentists on site at Sydney Sleep Centre in March 2016. There were two topics in Dental Sleep Medicine presented, and the attending dentists toured the diagnosis, investigation and management facility at Sydney Sleep Centre.

Community driver fatigue campaign

Dr Desai teamed up with NSW Transport and Nova 969 Radio Station to conduct a series of radio interviews aimed at combating driver fatigue. This comprehensive government initiated radio campaign focuses on the risk of driver fatigue with respect to road accidents; what the common signs of driver fatigue are; the risk factors for driver fatigue; and how to avoid driver fatigue. Dr Desai, as part of Sydney Sleep Centre, has welcomed this initiative and has provided the expert advice as a community service.