May 2015

The seven most common sleep problems

an article from the Sydney Morning Herald

There are many different types of sleep problems. Sydney Sleep Centre can assess, diagnose and treat them all. Our expert Sleep Physicians will take your history and organise appropriate testing and treatment.

More GP Education Nights

Following the successful GP and Dentist dinners over February to April 2015, Sydney Sleep Centre has several more GP Education nights planned.


The first event, on 16/05/2015, will be held at The Hilton Hotel in Sydney. Dr Anup Desai (Sleep and Respiratory Physician) will present to a large group of GP's on insomnia, as part of The Australian Doctor Mental Health 2015 Seminar. This is part of an Educational symposium for invited GP's, accredited by the General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC) as an MHST Primary Care activity. By attending this session, GP's will be able to:

• Recognise insomnia in a patient based on DSM-V criteria

• Describe lifestyle factors  and co-morbidities that can increase risk of insomnia

• Develop a care plan for insomnia with a patient, taking into account risk of dependence with pharmacologic agents and other safety considerations

The second event on 20/05/2015 at St Lukes Hospital in Potts Point will be part of a Local Division GP workshop, where Dr Anup Desai, in conjuction with other local Specialists will present a 15 minute workshop topic to rotating small groups of GPs. Dr Desai will present on practical aspects of The Sleep Study report.


On 03/06/2015, in conjuction with the Prince of Wales Private Hospital and other local Specialists, Dr Anup Desai will be presenting an update on Restless Legs Syndrome to local GP's. This is part of the continuing education at Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

Even number two for June is at The Cookhouse Restaurant in Randwick on 16/06/2015. Dr Anup Desai will give an update on COPD management to invited GP's.

The final event for June, 20/06/15, is part of a Saturday workshop for GP's on Respiratory and Endocrine Health. Dr Anup Desai will present on the managment of airways disease to local GP's.