February 2014

Don’t dry out the cake! Dry mouth & Humidification

You might be thinking, don't dry out the Cake? What does this have to do with my Sleep Apnoea? The answer is humidification. The reason that cakes are moist is the same reason that you don't get a dry mouth in the morning. When baking a cake, it produces humidification in the air that keeps the cake moist. If you open the oven and let the air escape, so does the humidification.

So if we now apply this principle to CPAP, when you have a large leak or if your humidification settings are not quite right, you won't dry out a cake, but you will dry out your mouth.

It is important if you are suffering from a dry mouth that you try to adjust the humidification or check for a leak in the system. Remember, the settings of humidification are for your comfort and to help you comply with CPAP Therapy, so don't be afraid to adjust the dials until it is just right for you!

Any questions on humidification, please ring us at Sleep Centres of Australia on 9252 6144

Don't Sleep and Drive ...... A Plane!

While the media have made us all too aware of "microsleeps" while driving a car or a truck, stop for a moment to consider the story of a pilot who fell asleep whilst navigating a plane! A pilot of a small Cessna airplane fell asleep behind the controls after putting his plane into autopilot and listening to country music. The pilot failed to respond to calls from air traffic controllers in Brisbane and Sydney, and woke to find himself in Sydney airspace without being able to remember anything after receiving clearance to enter Williamtown airspace.

Although flights were diverted, and the air traffic controllers had concerns about the intentions of the pilot, it was lucky that nobody was injured.The pilot was instructed to undergo medical testing - particularly for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea - a condition that can cause daytime sleepiness.

Fatigue can affect all of us in a variety of situations. If you suffer from daytime sleepiness or fatigue and find yourself nodding off during work or other activities, then contact Sleep Centres of Australia on 9252 6144.